Küken 1: 命

by Niku Senpuki

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An ode to the cruelty of man.

Review excerpts:
"The decor of a busy sounding sound cloud moves out by finding pleasure in mutating (and perhaps even ‘mating’) with a rhythmic rumbling guitar. It is hearable, but is also very one within this noise that strangely sounds so active as if there is lots of energy running around, but also can thoroughly enjoyed while observing it in a laid-back mode as if it’s alternative ambient.

The music can go either way, but even though sitting in a comfortable position while hearing this, will not stop the excitement and movement that blast through this cloud of noises.
Track 2 (Küken 命B Kammer) starts entirely different, very easy built up, creating a dark atmosphere with minimal sound that than simply evolves itself in a theatrical production that sounds fierce and to be honest; quite evil. A gnarly guitar jams in and starts to be all cinematic; you can easily envision a young Alfred Hitchcock plunging some inspiration from this… A castle, a thunder cloud, a murder weapon, a shower scene.."



released November 20, 2014

All sounds and artworks by Fabian Otto.

Recorded at Squidsoup Studios Augsburg.




Niku Senpuki Augsburg, Germany

Niku Senpuki is the brainchild of Fabian Otto.
Begun as a series of improvisations in late 2007/early 2008 and slowly taking the vaguely defined form of a noise/ambient/whatever project flirting with film music. What is next? Noone knows. Maybe a Krautrock Album? Philosphical debates with a vaccuum cleaner? Why does my breath smell of cat food?! ... more

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