by Niku Senpuki

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A jolly hearing loss in d-minor.


"How through the chasms strangely gleams,
A lurid light, like dawn's red glow,
Pervading with its quivering beams,
The gorges of the gulf below!
Here vapours rise, there clouds float by,
Here through the mist the light doth shine;
Now, like a fount, it bursts on high,
Meanders now, a slender line;
Far reaching, with a hundred veins,
Here through the valley see it glide;
Here, where its force the gorge restrains,
At once it scatters, far and wide;
Anear, like showers of golden sand
Strewn broadcast, sputter sparks of light:
And mark yon rocky walls that stand
Ablaze, in all their towering height!"


released April 27, 2016
All sounds and artwork by Fabian Otto




Niku Senpuki Augsburg, Germany

Niku Senpuki is the brainchild of Fabian Otto.
Begun as a series of improvisations in late 2007/early 2008 and slowly taking the vaguely defined form of a noise/ambient/whatever project flirting with film music. What is next? Noone knows. Maybe a Krautrock Album? Philosphical debates with a vaccuum cleaner? Why does my breath smell of cat food?! ... more

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